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At Reward Gateway, we understand what a core role wellbeing plays in employee engagement. The healthier our people, the more innovative, productive, and engaging our workplace is, and that’s why our benefits are wholly focused on supporting all aspects of employee wellbeing. HEART is the name of our health and wellbeing program. Our mission is to help every employee achieve their health and wellbeing goals with Healthy Everyday Actions Reached Together.

Supporting Your Financial Wellbeing

We want our employees to feel secure in their financial future and make choices that allow them to enjoy life in the long term.  Financial Wellbeing is how We Own It and support our employees and their personal money management.  


Appreci8 is our recognition and reward programme giving you the opportunity to gain monetary rewards for doing an excellent job. Whether you’re saving towards a weekend away, a spa day, a new outfit, groceries, meal out, cinema, a spa day… whatever is a meaningful treat for you. There’s no waiting all year for annual recognition awards to take place, our recognition programme is instant and fully personalized to allow you to spend your reward on exactly what you want, when you want it.

Commuter Benefit

We know commuting can be expensive so with our Commuter Benefit using our Salary Advance, you can get that extra bit of money to pay for a monthly or annual pass when you need it most. Buying a monthly or annual pass will save you on travel costs and through this benefit, you won’t pay any interest.

Debt Support

Having a debt problem is not the same as having debts. Millions of people have huge debts in the form of a mortgage, yet they’re not miserable, stressed or scared. But ‘Problem debt’ is very different. It causes terrible anxiety and misery. Luckily, help is at hand with our Debt Support benefit. Available globally and remotely, this programme unravels the misconceptions that make you believe you get pleasure from spending money you don’t have on things you don’t need. It helps you change your behaviour and mindset towards money and cure debt problems.


Unbeatable savings to help extend our employees’ income. With hundreds of retailers to choose from, and new offers being added all the time, you can find discounts on everyday purchases like your morning coffee to specialty items such as vacation travel and the latest technology.

Employee Share Plan

We Own It is one of our 8 values and as a Reward Gateway employee you really do. Our Employee Share Plan, or ESP as we like to call it, is gifted to you in appreciation of your hard work towards our Mission. Every employee receives a number of shares in our business and when our company sells to investors you receive a healthy financial reward. Many of our employees have benefitted from ESP and have lots of positive and wonderful experiences and stories to share as a result of this benefit. Just ask your colleagues and I’m sure they’ll tell you why ESP is just one of the many reasons that at RG we love our jobs.

Pension / 401K

Pension, 401K… whichever you call it, Reward Gateway matches contributions of up to 5% of your salary, and you don’t have to pay tax on anything you put in. You can find more about our pension and 401K providers boom! and manage your own contributions. Our wellbeing centre can help you find out more information on planning responsibly for your retirement too.

Referral Bonus

We believe that everyone we hire here at RG is super talented and talent always follows talent!  So we would love to tap into your network and reward you for it! By using your very own referral code you can personally advertise and support our recruitment efforts and be in with a chance for a great reward. Just check out these fab bonuses up for grabs! You will receive your bonus when your referral has been hired and passes their 90-day mark. Winner!

Retirement Bonus

To help you celebrate your next big life move, we provide a retirement bonus benefit. You’ll need to be the local age needed to draw your state pension to be eligible for your retirement bonus, but it means that with a minimum of 5 years of service, you will receive 3 months salary. A minimum of 10 years of service will mean you receive 6 months salary. Perfect for easing yourself into Retirement with extra money for that trip you’ve always dreamed of, or money for home improvements or further education… whatever retirement wishes you may have. 

Salary Advance

With the Salary Advance benefit, you can get that extra bit of money for when you need it most. It means if you get stuck with an unexpected cost or need cash fast for any reason, you can request your salary early. This benefit allows you to request up to 1 month gross salary. The advance will be repaid as a deduction from your net pay and begins with your next paycheck which is also when the advance is paid out. There’s no interest, no credit checks and no worry with manageable repayments made over a maximum of 12 months.

Wellbeing Allowance

We want to support you on your wellbeing goals. That’s why this benefit gives you an annual personal wellbeing allowance every financial year to spend on wellbeing activities. To support you in committing to your wellbeing, we will ask you to set a goal to work towards.

Whether that's a mental, physical or financial goal - or perhaps a mix of all three - we understand wellbeing means something different to all of us, and for this reason, we’ve given you the flexibility to decide how to spend your wellbeing allowance.

You can split your allowance over as many activities as you'd like until you hit the limit. You can spend it all at once or a small portion with every window during the financial year. Check out boom! To find out when the next application window opens.

If you'd like to learn more about how we put wellbeing at the HEART of everything we do, visit rg.co/careers.

Being a global company means we often have to be flexible and work with local laws and practices to provide the best possible offerings, but we're working hard to ensure an equal offering to all employees across the globe. We’ll always Think Global and Push the Boundaries with our fresh, innovative and creative approach that delivers the best solution for all RGers across the world, in every stage of life.

Our benefits are powered by our very own technology including Employee Communications, SmartPay, SmartDiscounts, Holiday Trading, Cycle to Work, SmartHub and so much more!

Klara Owens

Klara is passionate about spreading our mission to Make the World a Better Place to Work and connecting as many people as possible. With a background in Client Success, Klara has worked with our clients to enhance their EVPs and is now championing this internally at Reward Gateway.

Global Internal Communications and Engagement Lead