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Welcome to RG

Making the world a better place to work

Introducing RG

At Reward Gateway - better known to us as 'RG' - our mission is to 'make the world a better place to work' and everyone at RG strives to achieve this each day. We partner with thousands of clients across the globe, to help them connect, recognise and support their employees with market-leading products and world-class service.

We help more than 4,000 of the world’s leading companies in 23 countries do this through our employee engagement platform that brings employee benefits, discounts and perks, recognition and reward, employee wellbeing, employee communications and employee surveys into one unified hub.


Here's a look at RG today:


employees use our employee engagement products



clients trust us with their employee engagement



RG people globally


values that drive our Mission



offices in four countries


mission to make the world a better place to work

What we do to support our clients

Our clients use individually branded and tailored HR solutions which are designed to increase employee engagement. These strengthen each client’s unique engagement journey and are designed to create radically different relationships and improve connections between employees and their employers.

Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team brings together a diverse mix of skills, experience and backgrounds to help us create a culture where people can thrive. They understand that everyone plays their role in making RG a great place to work and that they are the protectors of the RG Kingdom. It’s their keen understanding of what makes RG special and a great place to work, and an eye for what makes a business successful that sets them up for success. With shared global responsibility, they’re responsible for leading our growth while preserving and constantly improving our culture.

But they can’t do it alone, and welcome thoughts and ideas from all employees on how to make RG not just a great place to work, but an amazing one. Open and honest communication is one of their strongest qualities. They’re committed to ensuring every employee is part of our journey and that our strategy and decisions are clearly communicated and easily accessible so that employees can contribute and help guide decision making.

Find out more about the Leadership Team

Our values

In Summer 2013, we let our colleagues loose on our values to document the RG that they know and love. They produced a set of eight RG values and explained what each meant. The goal was simple – by writing down what was important in our behaviours, we could stay true to them as we grew. We continue to reflect on and review our values with our employees speaking up and continuing to keep us true to ourselves. We think that this film does a pretty good job of summarising what they found.


We are human

As a people-centred, values-based business we take our involvement in the community and wider society very seriously. Our dedication to creating social value is important to our people across the world and we want to encourage and foster that spirit as we continue to grow. And the five pillars of our Social Value Strategy act as a framework to RG becoming a more socially responsible and sustainable business, helping us create a better world for everyone. At Reward Gateway we:

  1. Empower our RG people to be their true selves.
  2. Nurture and develop our community partnerships.
  3. Build sustainable value for our clients and suppliers.
  4. Measure and improve our environmental impact.
  5. Extend our mission through the RG Foundation.

By having ‘We Are Human’ as one of our core values, we ensure that expressing kindness and empathy for other people and our external environment remains a key part of our DNA.

See our Social Value Strategy

Our Glassdoor reviews

We feel one way we can measure whether we’re making the world a better place to work for our own team is through www.glassdoor.com, and we encourage everyone at RG to contribute their honest, anonymous reviews to this site. It’s a great way for us to get balanced feedback.

Our leadership team take the time to read each review carefully and, since 2016, have made a commitment to reply to each review personally and quickly. It’s another way to maintain a two-way conversation with our people and to stay open and honest by letting them know their feedback is valued.

Take a look at our Glassdoor reviews