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At Reward Gateway, we understand what a core role wellbeing plays in employee engagement. The healthier our people, the more innovative, productive, and engaging our workplace is, and that’s why our benefits are wholly focused on supporting all aspects of employee wellbeing. HEART is the name of our health and wellbeing program. Our mission is to help every employee achieve their health and wellbeing goals with Healthy Everyday Actions Reached Together.

Supporting Your Career Wellbeing

Professional Wellbeing ranges from the quality and safety of the physical environment to the working environment and the workplace climate. Career Wellbeing is how We Love Our Job and provide an environment to support our employees to learn, grow, and develop their professional networks to best suit their learning style.

Be a Trustee

Do you have a willingness and desire to commit to a charity?

Do you want strategic experience and a new development opportunity?

Are you able to manage your workload alongside a Trustee role?

Are you comfortable working with vulnerable people?

If you answered yes to all these. this benefit means you can Be a Trustee to a charity! 

Now, being a Trustee is a commitment, there’s no doubt about that. But, that commitment brings with it many career development opportunities and be a very rewarding experience. It is a perfect way to use the skills that you already have to contribute to a community or social cause that you care about, whilst developing new skills on the job! 

We’ve partnered with Be a Trustee. They’re on hand to support our aspiring Trustees during and throughout the process. They work with a wide range of businesses by finding open Trustee roles within charities and helping professionals just like you step into those roles.

It’s a great way to grow your career and experience with hands on experience.

Book Benefit

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Dr. Seuss wasn't wrong, reading lets us explore the world from the comfort of our own home! You can learn, explore, relax and so much more with a good book. 

We know many of you love to learn through other subscriptions such as magazines and podcasts. The Pragmatic Engineer is a very popular podcast for instance and we’re sure there’s many others, So, this benefit means you can order unlimited books for your personal well-being and up to 1 fiction book per month or 1-year subscription to Audible or Storytel.bg! 

You can also expense podcasts and magazine subscriptions to support your professional development. Check out boom! for more details and inspire others and share your favourites on Slack at #rgbookclub for your best reads and #wordup for podcast recommendations.  

Bridge Builders Mentorship Program

The Bridge Builders mentoring programme is all about giving our people a platform to bridge the gaps in their knowledge, build confidence and create lasting connections across the globe. 

RG colleague shares their knowledge, understanding and guidance to support the growth and development of another. You can be mentored and can be a mentee to anyone. Whoever you are, Mentoring is valuable for everyone, no matter how long you've been with us or how senior or inexperienced you are. 

When you join you’ll be asked to select one or more areas they want to advise or focus on. This might include:

  • Skills development
  • Career transition
  • Personal branding and networking
  • Goal setting/career planning
  • Problem-solving/personal effectiveness

You can request who you want to be your mentor and we’ll do our best to make it happen or we can help find the right partner for you. The mentoring relationship lasts a maximum of 4 months and you’ll need to give at least one hour of your time every two weeks for it to be beneficial for both people involved. 

This programme has been very successful. Bridge Builders constantly scores 10 out of 10 from it’s participants and has helped build stronger relationships, better understanding and a higher level of trust across all levels. Go give it a go!

Bring Your Dog to Work

Whether you're new to RG or you've been here for a while you must have noticed that we love dogs! We love them so much that a very long time ago we thought why don't we just bring them to work? That's how the Bring Your Dog to Work benefit came to life. 

When you see a dog, you can’t help but smile. Their joy for life is infectious and the cheer they bring to the office is wonderful. If you’ve got a dog that you would like to bring in simply let your experience manager know. They’ll check to see if anyone has allergies and that we’re set up for your furry friends' visit. 

If you are bringing in your dog, please make sure they're not roaming around without your supervision. Keep your pets safe and within eye line! 

I should mention that we have had other animals join us in the office on occasion, I’ve seen Cats and even a pet hedgehog. In the spirit of inclusivity, all creatures are welcome within reason you just need to let your experience manager know so they can update our Building managers. 

Career Compass

Career Compass is an opportunity for you to pursue an IT career in Project Management, Design or Development. We’ll guide you on your journey with advice, provide sessions for you to hear from those in the roles you want to get to and give you support on your journey to your dream job. 

With over 40% of our hires happening internally we’ve a great track record of developing talent internally. This really is the perfect opportunity for anyone who is just getting started or thinking about a career in IT. Be it software development, UX, UI or graphic design or Project management.

 If that's you - This is your chance!

Drinks & Breakfast

Our offices have spaces especially created for you to take a break from your desk. It’s here that you’ll find a selection of free drinks, hot and cold drinks, snacks and breakfast to keep you fuelled throughout the day. Extra fun is when we have our foodie events with bake-offs, pot lucks or culture themed food days. Speak with your experience managers if you have any yummy suggestions!

Inspiring spaces to work, recharge, and collaborate with fellow RGers

Part of making the world a better place to work is making sure your own world is a great place to work. And that’s most successful when you’re given the right environment to do it in. That’s why our global offices have been designed with RG People in mind.

 They’re modern, accessible, and have multiple working modes to match the tasks at hand. We’ve got 8 modes of work that were created by our employees and the office spaces were designed to enable all of them in the most productive and comfortable way possible. So whether you are in a Big or Little Meeting, Plugged in, 1-2-1, buzzing or more, you’ll find somewhere perfect for it.

Flexible Working

We have one golden rule regarding flexible working... You should never miss an important life or important work event. We believe that every employee should follow this rule when making decisions about how and where they are working.

It’s this golden rule that’s kept our Flexible working simple since 2016.

Yep, you heard right, Flexible working is something we’ve been doing for over 6 years and we’ve gotten pretty good at it. We really do know how it makes the world a better place to work. It’s part of our culture and even embedded in one of our Values - We Are Human.

Now, Flexible working has lots of meanings, depending on your job and depending on you. You have a career and personal life to juggle, which at times can be challenging. So, Flexible working accommodates the different priorities in your life. 

Some examples are working from home, working different hours, shifts or patterns, and working part-time. 

Many RG People love it because it means you Own It when it comes to where and how you work so long as it’s a way that enables you to do your job well and Delight Your Customer. 

The most successful Flexible Working happens when you pair it with open, honest and frequent communication with your manager and we’ve got neat tech such as Slack and 15Five to help with that. 

Share what you need to achieve in your working week and your manager will support you in finding a way to work at your best. 

It’s important to mention that roles that work on shift patterns, such as our employee support teams, don’t work flexibly. Many employees find shift patterns that work around the lifestyle they want to lead and if you’re joining this team we’ll hope to find a shift match just right for you too. The agreement for these will be detailed in your contract. 

And don’t worry, we totally get it, Reward Gateway might be the first place you’ve ever worked that allows flexible working, so if you are ever unsure about whether how you are working is right, drop a message to us at #askthepeopleteam on Slack and we’ll be happy to help reassure you and help you find your flow!


To make the world a better place to work we need to ensure every one of us is set up for success in their role.

RG People have access to a variety of opportunities and resources to help them grow and to cater to different learning needs and styles – workshops, instructor-led learning, online courses, app subscriptions, mentoring, and participant-driven learning groups.

Pathways is the new RG learning brand that unifies all the tools, programs, events, and materials we use for learning. It symbolizes the many paths and approaches you can take on your development journey. 

Personalised eLearning experience

We’ve moved away from a “one size fits all” learning solution and allow you to request the eLearning tools that are best suited to support your learning goals.

We offer more choice and flexibility with eLearning through individual learning requests. We work with Department Leaders and Managers to identify department-specific learning tools that will provide greater value for our teams to learn in the ways that meet your learning needs and strengths.

All in all, it’s awesome and we hope you make the most of the huge variety of learning opportunities Personalises e-Learning shares with you.

RG Swag

Time to get Swaggy! 

There’s a whole host of goodies for you to Treat Yo’ Self in the RG Swag shop. 

Get cosy in an RG Hoody, bag yourself a nice new tee, swag up your pets dinner bowl, get yourself some new headphones, a nice big coffee cups, a fresh new bag. Log on, take a look and find so much more swag! 

Speak to Lead

When was the last time you needed to rely on your presentation skills and storytelling to share a powerful story? Maybe it was in your weekly team meeting or a client meeting, or just getting buy-in on your ideas.

Speak to Lead is our RG presentation skills group. It’s a participant-led group that meet every last Thursday of the month to practice, share, discuss ideas and learn together. Everyone has an opportunity to lead, listen, provide feedback, learn and improve their presentations. It’s a great, friendly and supportive environment to practise your public speaking skills, refine that upcoming keynote and get comfortable with having all the attention on you.

Top technology

Our IT team will provide you with the technology you need to do you work. You’ll have your own laptop and our workspaces have been made really easy to use with simple plug in access to screens and meeting room technology. 

We have Slack to make instant communication simple. You can access boom!News on your laptop or on your mobile. IT support is accessible via our service desk, they’re responsive, helpful and they don’t use loads of IT jargon which makes getting help a lot easier. Best of all with our cloud-based solutions, in place you’re set to work from anywhere.  

Work From Home Bundles

Workspace is so important to your experience at work. We’ve invested in creating inspiring offices for when you want to work alongside your colleagues and when you need time to focus at home we kit you out with our Work from Home bundle. Making sure you’re set up with a workspace that will support and enable your productivity and wellbeing.

This benefit provides you with a Chair - to help alleviate back pain and provide the right seat for you to work, 

Desk - if you have the space to have somewhere to sit, 

Laptop stand - so you have your laptop at the right eye level for you, 

Keyboard and Mouse - separate keyboard and mouse, 

USB to USBC Cable - helping you to stay connected. 

Monitors and Wifi Extenders for making working at home easier.

You can choose to either have our prepicked package delivered to your door or you can choose your own and expense the cost. Whichever option you choose, with this benefit you’ll be set up for more success and much less stress.

Work Modes

RG Work Modes describe the key activities that make us productive, collaborative and happy. Our Work Modes support and align with our eight core values, and inform us how our workspace, whether office or home can be used most effectively. 

They were developed with our employees who discussed the activities that go into their role, why each activity is important and what environment best supports it. They recognise the unique nature of each of our employees and allow them to embrace however extrovert or introvert they may be feeling at any time in any place. 

Our Work Modes include:- 

  • Retreat
  • Plugged In 
  • One-to-One 
  • Little 
  • Large 
  • Buzzin’ 
  • Briefing 
  • #RGFun

It’s these eight work modes that inform our ways of working and make it easy to understand where to work and when. You don’t have to feel lost or confused about where you should be working as we have mapped each Work Mode to our variety of workspaces designed to support the task you have at hand. Everyone is different and our approach aims to respect and acknowledge that meaning you can tailor them to your unique needs and personal preference.

If you'd like to learn more about how we put wellbeing at the HEART of everything we do, visit rg.co/careers.

Being a global company means we often have to be flexible and work with local laws and practices to provide the best possible offerings, but we're working hard to ensure an equal offering to all employees across the globe. We’ll always Think Global and Push the Boundaries with our fresh, innovative and creative approach that delivers the best solution for all RGers across the world, in every stage of life.

Our benefits are powered by our very own technology including Employee Communications, SmartPay, SmartDiscounts, Holiday Trading, Cycle to Work, SmartHub and so much more!

Klara Owens

Klara is passionate about spreading our mission to Make the World a Better Place to Work and connecting as many people as possible. With a background in Client Success, Klara has worked with our clients to enhance their EVPs and is now championing this internally at Reward Gateway.

Global Internal Communications and Engagement Lead