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Like our value 'We are human' says, juggling a career and a personal life can be challenging. Reward Gateway wants an inclusive, supportive environment that recognises the competing priorities every employee has.

For over six years, Flexible Working has been at the heart of our inclusive culture. Since 2016, we’ve simplified our approach with a simple golden rule that all employees can follow "Never miss an important life or work event" and this rule helps when deciding how and where they work.

In 2021, we took things a step further with RG Work Modes. Designed in collaboration with our People, we created an activity-based model supporting flexible, hybrid work. Each Work Mode describes the key activities that make us productive, collaborative, and engaged. Work Modes align with our eight values and inform us how to most effectively use our workspace, whether at home or in the office.

Alongside flexible working, we offer many benefits dedicated to supporting and caring for employees and their families through various life stages. They're based on five benefit principles: Fairness, Choice, Balance, Wow & Easy, and lots of feedback shared by employees across the globe.

Here are some highlights:

Baby Bonus
We believe in celebrating life's big and little moments, so to help employees celebrate their new little bundles of joy, we provide a bonus paid up to two months before a new baby is due or adopted, and RG cover the tax.

Caregiver Support
For those with carer responsibilities we've created a support bundle that includes our EAP, Personal Wellbeing Coaching, a Hub filled with Carer Support Information, and an employee-led community which shares advice, information, and support with others in a similar position. We offer complete flexibility to caregivers, meaning they can work at home any day and adapt their hours to accommodate caring responsibilities.

Choose Your Package
Time away from work is key for social wellbeing. While for others, Financial support may be the priority. That’s why all employees can choose whether to keep the 35 days of annual leave, buy more, or sell days so they can have more money instead.

Debt Support
A global and remote programme that unravels the misconception that you get pleasure from spending money you don't have, on things you don't need. It changes behaviour and mindset towards money and cure debt problems.

Domestic Violence Protection Program
RG provides Extra Support to Report, Proactive Victim Protection, and Financial Support for Legal Action. We have a Domestic Violence Support hub on our engagement platform, providing 10 additional days of fully paid leave to help employees leave any abusive environment, alongside financial support for legal action against any perpetrator of domestic violence.

Family Leave
There may be times when employees need to support family members through serious illness or injury and it’s challenging to combine work and caring responsibilities at these times. With Family Leave, when any dependent has a long-term illness, employees can apply for up to three months' paid leave during a 12-month rolling period to focus on their family wellbeing.

Friends and Family Discounts
Whoever they are and whatever their situation, if they're a friend to you, they are a friend to us. That means that they're eligible to access our RG Friends and Family programme. Employees can share all the great Discounts, Cashback, and wellbeing offerings available through SmartSpending and our Wellbeing Centre!

Gender Neutral Miscarriage and Baby Loss Support
We have full flexibility for attendance to all medical appointments and support a return to work after pregnancy loss. We provide up to four weeks' additional paid leave, which does not count towards sickness absence or holidays, and individual support from our People Team with reasonable adjustments. In addition, confidential Mental Health Coaching Support is available alongside our comprehensive EAP.

Grocery/ Restaurant Discounts
Whether they love family meals at restaurants or prefer to cook food at home, we offer a great discount at their favourite restaurants and supermarkets.

Life Assurance
Our Life Assurance removes the worry of what should happen to employees family's finances in the unfortunate event of their death. We pay four times their annual base salary to chosen beneficiaries should any employee die.

Parental Leave
We provide Primary Carers with 6 months of parental leave paid at full salary followed by local statutory requirements. Primary Carer entitlement begins before or on the date of birth/adoption, and you can decide when you wish to return in the following 12 months. If they return between months 6-12, a Childcare Bonus is paid beginning the month of the primary caregiver's return through month 24 following their leave date to support Childcare costs. Secondary Carers get four weeks of fully paid flexible leave.

Parental Support Loan
Our Parent Support Loan makes childcare more affordable. Up to one month's salary is available in advance to help with childcare costs, and then pay it off in easy monthly repayments from their net salary.

Retirement Bonus
The Retirement Bonus celebrates this big life move. Perfect for easing into Retirement with extra money for a dream trip or whatever retirement wishes they have.

After 5 years of service, employees can take an unpaid sabbatical of up to 6 months, and their job will be waiting for them when they return!

Trans & Gender Affirmation Support
Up to four weeks of fully paid leave for recovery after gender affirmation procedures. Employees also receive £500 worth of boom! Points to go towards a new wardrobe at a fashion retailer of their choice and Salary Advance to help with prescription and medical expenses. Alongside this, we provide flexible working, personal Wellbeing Coaching, EAP, and in all RG spaces, you'll find Gender-neutral bathrooms and visible pronouns.

Wedding Bonus
To help employees celebrate getting married, we provide a wedding bonus benefit. The bonus is tax-free and paid up to two months before their wedding, just in time to help out with costs that come rolling in before the big day.

Work From Home Bundles
Workspace is key to productivity and wellbeing. Employees can choose to either have our prepicked package of a chair, desk, mouse, keyboard, laptop stand, and monitor delivered to their door or select their own and expense the cost.

Our People Team continuously reviews and evaluates our global benefits to ensure that RG People and their families have the resources they need to thrive. Our RG Family extends to both our employees and their loved ones, and we aim to ensure every aspect of our family is cared for. To learn more, visit Our YouTube Channel or rg.co/lifeatrg.

Klara Owens

Klara is passionate about spreading our mission to Make the World a Better Place to Work and connecting as many people as possible. With a background in Client Success, Klara has worked with our clients to enhance their EVPs and is now championing this internally at Reward Gateway.

Global Internal Communications and Engagement Lead