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The results are in, and it turns out our L&D Team is on a pretty AWESOME journey! Our new Learning and Performance Institute Accreditation shows that we are building something really special together…

The Background 💡

We started on a journey a few months ago to reshape, reimagine and reinvigorate how learning is done at RG.

We already knew that there were lots of opportunities to improve our offering, and our Life at RG survey confirmed that our RGERs wanted to see more in terms of learning, career development, and progression.

Following the Life at RG survey, our L&D team conducted a deep dive learning needs analysis across all our locations to get under the skin of what our people want/need from us. They then aligned that to the direction of travel for the business, and all of this information was pulled together into an L&D strategy and plan for the next few years and shared with the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI). 

The Results 🥁

We are delighted to share that based on our plans for the future, the LPI have accredited our internal L&D department, which means they recognise the exciting journey we are embarking on and will be supporting us to make it happen. 🥳

Part of the LPI accreditation is demonstrating the value that learning has in your business on its people and performance. We have some clear measures of success laid out in the strategy, and the LPI will be holding us to account throughout 2024 to make sure we deliver.

This is an exciting milestone on our journey to becoming a future-focused learning organisation that puts people development at the heart of our success. If you'd like to learn more about our people, culture, and benefits, check out our blog rg.co/lifeatrg or our YouTube channel today.

Klara Owens

Klara is passionate about spreading our mission to Make the World a Better Place to Work and connecting as many people as possible. With a background in Client Success, Klara has worked with our clients to enhance their EVPs and is now championing this internally at Reward Gateway.

Global Internal Communications and Engagement Lead