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We Are Human is one of our eight company values that we live each day at Reward Gateway. Perhaps you've read what this means to us as a business, but we thought it might be nice to hear what it means to our employees directly from our people and how they feel we live the value in our actions and behaviours each and every day. Here's what they had to say...

"We are human because we care about each other."

"So, everyone here at RG always considers everybody else."

"We treat everyone with respect. We treat everyone with kindness."

"We treat every single person as an individual."

"You don't come into work feeling like just a number."

"You're not made to feel that there's a hierarchy. You can talk to anyone within the company."

"It's not a manager versus team environment by any means. It's a, we're all in this together, how can we all support each other?"

"You truly are part of a bigger team and a bigger mission."

"We actually have something here at RG called donut time, which also means that you can schedule in time to speak to people that are picked at random all throughout the company."

"And we are not afraid to reach out, share a hand, and just make everyone feel welcome."

"My manager just understands the fact that we are quite flexible with the way we work. So it's a case of, let's say like on a Friday, so at meetings, then I can work around it. He understands that we're not our full selves. We bring our full selves to work but also we do have our personal lives as well. So it's very much a mix between the two."

"The work-life balance is perfect for me as a working dad. And I'm able to ask for help when I need it."

"Everyone has their own challenges at home, at work, in their own life. And we support them. We have the tools and the training to help everybody bring their best selves to work."

"We are human because there's generally no stupid questions here at Reward Gateway. Everyone is here to support you and make sure that you are on the right path."

"We make mistakes and we own them."

"We're a diverse bunch of people and the best bunch of people as well. And that's biased, but we are."

"We treat people just like humans, which is really nice."

"That's literally why I love the job."


If you're keen to learn more about our values and what opportunities there are for you, please visit rg.co/careers.

Catrin Lewis

As Head of Global Engagement and Internal Communications, Catrin's main focus is to make Reward Gateway a better place to work. Using the Engagement Bridge™ model, she drives our mission, purpose and values while adding sparkle and creativity to our internal communications.

Head of Global Engagement and Internal Communications