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Applying for a new role is an exciting time and it's our aim to ensure that everyone who applies to join our Mission has a great experience with us. So, to help you get started with your application the People Team have put together some tips on how to make a great impression when you apply for a new job.

Do your research

From the start, we'll be looking for signs that you're right for us. So even before you apply, you can make a great impression. Do your research!

Knowing all about us is essential to making sure we're right for you and it will make the application process so much more enjoyable. Find out as much as you can about our business, the industry and the role. Exploring our website is a great place to start but you can also find lots more out about us on Glassdoor, our @boomforrgpeople Instagram page, G2 product review site and our Life at RG blog share more about our culture and what goes on behind the scenes.

See what others are saying about us

You can also get hold of our company accounts and financial reports or read what the media say about us and our industry. If you know anyone who works for RG, or a similar company, why not have a chat with them about the kind of work we do? Spend a bit of time on this - it will be worth it.

Keep up to date and use this knowledge during the application process. Check out Doug Butler, our CEO and see what he's sharing on his profile. To learn more about our benefits and policies look at Robert Hicks, our Group HR Director. Follow us on Linkedin, Glassdoor and Instagram to see what we're up to!

Creating your CV or resume

An accurate and up-to-date CV or resume is essential. It's usually our first impression of what you've got to offer. We'll also keep it on file so you're in the mix if another opportunity comes up. We prefer no more than three A4 pages that include an overview of your skills, achievements and what you're looking for from a career. Give examples of your competencies, skills and achievements each time - particularly if they relate to the job you're applying for.

Completing the application form

Some opportunities allow you to fill out an online application form along with or instead of your CV or resume. This can be your first big chance to impress us by selling your skills, your experience and your enthusiasm. Take some time before you fill it in. Read it through carefully, decide what information you're going to need for each section and get it all together before you start. It's always good to give yourself 48 hrs so you can write your submission, sleep on it and then look at it with fresh eyes before clicking submit.

Preparing for interview

If you get offered an interview, please prepare. Candidates that have taken time to prep for their interview find it helps with nerves and increases confidence. Take a look back through the job description and think about the kind of things we might want to know in the interview. For example, what competencies and skills are listed? We're looking for real-life examples of how you've used these in your work or in everyday life. 

Please get in touch with the recruiter should you have any accessibility needs which we can support you with. Our aim is to be as inclusive as we can and should you need help or have suggestions on how we can improve, we'd welcome your input.

We know that interviews can make you feel nervous and so by sharing what to expect before the interview we hope you can feel properly prepared and can focus on showing your best rather than worrying about what to expect. The tasks are always role-specific and we like all of our applicants' tasks to be anonymous so we can keep the process fair.

The interview

If it's a video interview, we'll send you a link beforehand. Please download the app and test it out in advance. We're always on hand if you need some help. Set yourself up in a quiet and well-lit space with good internet connection. We understand that sometimes finding a quiet space without interruptions at home can be difficult, so please don't worry or feel embarrassed if you get interrupted, we certainly won't hold it against you!

When you're answering questions, remind yourself to look and smile at us. And if you're not sure what to wear, it's safest to go for smart attire. Don't forget to prepare some questions for us, whether it's about the role or more about Reward Gateway. Arrive early for a face to face interview and if for any reason you do get delayed, try to call us to let us know. Have a print-out or screenshot of your invitation just in case you can't access the details on your phone.

Taking online tests

For some roles, we will do online tests, and these check a variety of skills. For example, as some of our jobs involve working with numbers, you'll be asked to take an online numerical reasoning test. The ability tests are timed, so you need to work quickly and accurately. Read each question carefully so you understand what we're asking for. Think about what you'd do in a typical work situation - or, if you're new to the world of work, in another area of your life. If it's your second time taking the tests, read your feedback report first, so you know which areas you'll need to improve.

Performing well at an assessment centre

When we recruit in Bulgaria, our assessment centres are designed to help you showcase your strengths and give you an insight into what it's like to work here. They usually involve group and individual exercises, a written exercise or presentation, or a standard face-to-face interview. You'll be with lots of other people but remember, you're not competing with them. We're looking at you as individuals and it's likely that there's more than role available. Just focus on your own experience and show us what you've got to offer by performing at your very best.

We hope this helps you feel ready to apply for your new role! Visit rg.co/careers to start your application and see what roles we have available today.

Catrin Lewis

As Head of Global Engagement and Internal Communications, Catrin's main focus is to make Reward Gateway a better place to work. Using the Engagement Bridge™ model, she drives our mission, purpose and values while adding sparkle and creativity to our internal communications.

Head of Global Engagement and Internal Communications